Evony New Players Guide

Medieval Gamer - New players guide for Evony Beginner

If you are new to Evony, begin by doing the ROUTINE QUESTS!
- doing these quests WILL teach you HOW TO PLAY Evony.
- nearly everything you need to know is in a routine quest.

Follow your "QUEST" at all times!
- Doing so will bring in resources you need.

Look to the top and you will see a button called "Town" this is where you start out.
- Build 3 COTTAGES
- Build 1 MARKET
When you go to build each select SPEED UP because its FREE as long as it's under 5 minutes.
Sample Town layout
Evony sample Town layout

Look to the top and you will see a button called "CITY" between TOWN & MAP; click on it.
Now move arrow in front of castle till you see a hammer come up. Click it!
Now build:
- 1 FARM
- These will get you started but you need to build more.
When you go to build each select SPEED UP because its FREE under 5 minutes.
Need more lumber? - build/upgrade sawmills
Need more food? - build/upgrade farms
Need more stone? - build/upgrade stone quarrie
Need more iron? - build/upgrade iron mine
City Resources
level 4 City resources

* upgrade all to level 3 using the speed up
** upgrade all to minimum level 6 afterward
- now build a Rally Spot, 1 Barracks
- then build Forge Level 2, then a Workshop
- NOW you can upgrade your walls
In City mode keep upgrading all the fields until it ask you to spend an ITEM called "BEGINNER's GUIDE".
- Save these for longer building times!
- Keep UPGRADING existing Mills, Quarries and Mines
- 6 Sawmills, 6 Stone Quarries and 3 Iron Mines SHOULD provide you with all you need
- DO build more FARMS as needed - the more troops you train, the more food you will need.
- You WILL need a LOT more farms than any other other

Keep Building !
Build - Upgrade - then build and Upgrade some more!
- the Upgrading does not stop! -

Go to TOWNHALL & click on it!
- Then look for production to the top left & click that.
- Now set all production levels to 100%
- Now set TAXES to 20% which will lower moral to 80% over time

Look to your right and you will see 4 symbols:
- 1st one is CORN represents "FOOD"
- 2nd one is LOGS represents "LUMBER"
- 3rd one is ROCKS represents "STONE"
- 4th one is IRON BARS representing "IRON"
to the right of these symbols you will see black numbers which is the stock you have on hand and then some green to the right of that.
The green is your per hour you are producing & the higher the amount the faster it comes in.
Working CITY fields will increase this amount for every upgrade.

If at anytime you see your population go into the red, then build more COTTAGES because this means that you don't have enough workers in the CITY fields working.
If at anytime you see RED numbers next to POPULATION, GOLD, or FOOD then you are having a short fall and need to correct this as soon as possible.

Build your EMBASSY as soon as you can so you can join an alliance! This also helps you chat on WORLD CHAT after your 7days protection expires.
Do not use the WORLD CHAT to much because it eats up your SPEAKERS found in MY ITEMS after you build your EMBASSY.
Continue to upgrade your CITY fields so your production goes up. The more you have the quicker it comes in.

Work to build 5 Barracks in each of your cities so you can share training troop loads.
The more barracks you have, the quicker you can produce troops.

Build at least 2 WAREHOUSES to help increase your holding stock.
- resources in the warehouses will not be plundered
- warehouses DO NOT store any GOLD, Gold is not protected and can/will be plundered
The only buildings that you can build multiples of are: COTTAGES, BARRACKS and WAREHOUSES. All others can only be built once.
For every group of units or traps you build from the BARRACKS or WALLS you receive 1 point of prestige.
Work back & forth between CITY fields & TOWN cottages first and foremost to maximize your cities output.

Gold is earned by the amount of TAX you apply to your people.
By clicking Town Hall > TAX RATE you can adjust the amount of tax up or down
- the Higher the tax, the more gold you earn BUT the peoples LOYALTY will drop, so be careful
- depending on how much you need; anywhere from 5% - 35% will be good
- increasing population will also earn more gold, build/upgrade COTTAGE
- WARNING: having lots of gold on hand will make you a very nice target to attack

To hire a Hero - you need to build an Inn AND Feasting Hall
When selecting a LEVEL 1 HERO from the INN check his stats (POLITICS/ATTACK/INTELLIGENCE) and if they equal 140 points or more then you have a great hero.
- For each level a hero has add 1 point to his total.
- Example: a level 15 Hero would have 155 points between his stats; not 140!
- It may take several tries to get a good Hero.
- A High Politics Mayor WILL increase resource production.
- A High Attack Mayor WILL improve all attacks from that city.
- A High Intelligence Mayor WILL reduce the time required for research.
- What is considered a 'High stat' you ask? Answer: 70+
High politics decreases build time and increases resource's/income. High Attack decreases troop build time and increases your chance of winning a battle. High intelligence will decrease academy research time and help in scout reports. You can switch your hero's as the mayor, each time you begin a different task ...do this and it will reduce your times.

Keep Hero Loyalty at 100%
You can LOSE a Hero if:
- Loyalty is less than 100% and they lose a battle! -

The WHEEL of FORTUNE is located at the front of the gates to your castle in the lower left corner.
- Each day you receive 1 Aries amulet in your QUEST under Daily Quest.
- If you don't take it that day then you lose it for good.
- You can stockpile amulets if you choose to do so.
- To use an amulet, click your ITEMS, then the amulet

Building a new city:
- Mouse over the little castle picture to the right of the chat to see what requirements YOU need to build a new city
- You are able to build a new city with each advancement in TITLE not rank
- The max number of cities any player can have is 10

Titles and Rank:
- View the QUESTS > PROMOTION to see what YOU need to advance in TITLE and RANK

- All in-game items cannot be sold, traded, given or exchanged
- Game resources like; food, wood, stone, iron and gold can be sent to members of your Alliance only, not allies
- Troops can be sent to reinforce Alliance members providing their Embassy is set to: ALLOW ALLIED TROOP GARRISON
- You can also Buy and Sell resources from a Marketplace, after you build one

Game Coins:
Game cents can only be purchased with PayPal, received from quests or won from the Wheel of Fortune
- coins cannot be traded, sold, given or exchanged between players.
- Spammers will make offers for free evony coins - ALL these are a SCAM - no site can give you coins except evony

Beginners Protection:
- Your BEGINNERS PROTECTION lasts only 7 days from when you signed up
- You can and will be fair game to any player wanting to attack you afterward
- USE the 7 DAYS wisely, build up quickly, log into the game often, upgrade everything
- Join an Alliance, get their wisdom and advise on how to play
* To join an Alliance - you need to build an Embassy first
- DO NOT think you will be safe and secure ....if you only log in to play ONCE every day, you WILL be PWNED !!

Under Attack:
When YOU are under attack.
When an incoming attack approaches your cities you'll know by:
- a red WARNING at the bottom of each city menu for which ones are being attacked!
- the REPORTS button will also flash red
Play the shell game and move all gold to the other cities you have or spend it on new supplies
before you are attacked. Move as much supply stock to the other cities or players to deny your enemy any resources.
Ship it to an empty valley you own if need be.
**After an attack, you will need lots of food for comforting**
- If your Grievance has gone up, use Disaster Relief (costs food) to lower it
Go to Town Hall > Comforting > Disaster Relief
Honor is won through winning battles against other players. Not NPC's or BARBARIAN VILLAGES.
- You can be attacked at any time after the 7 day Newbie protection, wether you are online or not.

How to get Evony Medals:
- Please use and follow the Evony Getting Medals Guide

Evony Getting Medals Guide

Log out - there is no log out button, just close your browser

If you would like to learn more, please read: Evony Basic's
- To be successful in Evony, you need to log into the game often

If you find our Evony New Player Guide or Evony Getting Medals Guide useful, please Bookmark and tell others!
- Thank you very much for visiting with us today!

Evony Cheats:
- Top Players reveal Evony Game Cheats
- You will see offers made by spammers for free evony coins - ALL these are a SCAM - no site can give you coins except evony
- There are no naked ladies in the Evony game - the Advertising suggests you will, it is only clever marketing

If you ever feel confused or overwhelmed with what to do, return to the Routine Quest.
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