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Learn the basics for Evony Beginner

You definitely will need Barracks and they can be built after you build a Rally Spot first.
Your playing style will determine how many Barracks to build.
- Level 1 Barracks can be built using the free speed up.
- If you are a casual player, 6 Barracks will be enough.
- If you plan on being a top player, 6 will not be enough.
- Upgrade at least one barrack as quick and soon as possible to level 9
- Ballista can be trained in your level 9 Barracks, you will need them
- All others should be upgraded after, to at least level 4.
- You dismiss troops by opening the barracks, select troop and clicking the red circle .

Basic Attack:
When sending archers (range attack) as the main attack, you dont need any 'other troops' just 1 of each
- exception would be ballista and catapults which also are 'range' attackers.
A standard archer (range attack) attack consists of: xxxx archers + 1 warrior, 1 worker, 1 pike, 1 sword
xxxx ballista, xxxx archers, + 1 warrior, 1 worker, 1 pike, 1 sword
* there is no need to send any more than 1 of each 'foot' troops on a range attack
* Exception applies if you are searching for medals, send warriors for high loss's on valley attacks

From the Wheel of Fortune you may occasionally win a Battalion of one kind or another.
- Do not open them if you do not have the food to feed the troops you get!
- One tip is to hold onto them, they can be useful later in the game.
- Use them if you need some troops in a hurry.
- Use them, then dismiss all the troops if you need some quick resources

General Information:
- An Embassy is needed in order to join an Alliance.
- after each battle, look in the Rally Spot, Medic Camp to heal any troops you can.
- use the Rally Spot Exercise to see if you can win a battle
- If you are online when an ATTACK is coming your way, you have lots of options
- Attacking NPC is the best way to gain hero experience, resources and medals
- To be successful in Evony, you need to log in often
- Read your Reports, they contain important information
- Archery is the most important research, make it your priority to upgrade it as much and soon as possible
- Scouts and Cavalry are very fast, they could be used for FAST transport of resources
- You CANNOT conquer a players only city, if the player has more than one, yes you can conquer
- Click on your avatar to open it and see the Change Flag option
- Open MAP and click anything to see what state you reside in
- Cities on the Map with Green flags are your alliance, Blue flags are Friendly, Red flags are AT WAR with
- Add to CL means: add to Coordinates List - you can add any city for easier reference later
- Click on a players name in the chat to see options to interact with that player
- Construction, Wall Defense, and Research should be active 24/7 ......NEVER idle
- Listen to and pay attention to veteran Evony Players, they can save you much headache

Hero's are KEY in Evony! period! Having good Hero's is essential !!
Your Command Team will consist of 3 hero's.
- one with high politics (70+).
- one with high intelligence (70+).
- one with high attack (70+).
Ideally, your key Hero's will have (100+)
The politics and intelligence heroes will remain in the city, whereas the attack hero will be sent on attacks.
Later on, you should have several attack Hero's, again they should have 70+ attack stat
- your Hero with high Politics should be your mayor.
- switch to your high Attack Hero before you train new units, then switch back
- switch to your high Intel Hero before you make a new research, then switch back
- Hire a Hero with one high attribute! (as close to 70 as possible)
- Only upgrade the strongest attribute.
- Politics = More production and faster building times
- Attack = Faster troop training and slight attack increase
- Intelligence = Faster research
- Rotate your mayor for the right bonus at the right time!
***Attacking NPC cities is the best method for earning hero experience, also for getting resources and possibly a medal***

Honor is really ...hmmm how should we say, ...useless
Only the n00bs will brag about Honor, they think it is something in Evony that must be achieved, it is NOT
- Don't worry about Honor points.
- Honor is not a factor in anything you do in Evony, it does give bragging rights ...which wont make you a better player.
- It's best to be at 0 Honor to get the 50% Heal, rather than the 10% Heal if you have Honor.
*** experienced Evony players know this trick very well ***
- the Honor system is also flawed and not working properly, so really, don't worry about Honor.

Inn - Hero Recruiting:
There is two ways you can go about getting decent Hero's
1. Keep and use a Level 1 Inn - do not upgrade it.
- You will get low level Hero, so LOOK for stats that are at least 67 in the stat you need the hero for.
- Instead of buying Hero Hunting, destroy the Inn and rebuild, takes about 3 minutes and very cheap.
- You wont be spending coins on Hero Hunting and earn prestige each time you destroy and build.
- Upgrade your Hero in the normal manner by attacking the NPC cities near you to earn hero experience.
2. Upgrade the Inn to Level 10
- a high level Inn will get you some decent Heros but not always.
- down side to this is you need to use Hero Hunting that cost Evony Coins to refresh the hero list.
DO level up your Feasting House, each level permits you one more hero in that city.

Killing an Alliance:
After about 4 weeks on a new server, the Killing Begins and continues and continues, it will not stop, so dont cry!
The most preferred way to KILL OFF an ENTIRE ALLIANCE:
- Begin by attacking and plundering all the smaller players.
- Most will quit the game or be in such a state of poverty they wont be of much use to anyone else.
- Hit the small ones, again and again and then some more - force them to quit or move out.
- Once the small fry are out of the way, begin with the bigger players, one by one.
- Again, some of these will quit, move or change alliance.
- Whittle them DOWN to ONLY 1 city each - IF they build or rebuild another city - STOMP IT!, leave them nothing to retaliate with!
- The remaining players may be experienced but they wont be getting any support from their now PWNED other members.
- Begin taking them down, set up an attack schedule so they get 24/7 attacks.
- Rotate your attacking Players, allow those not attacking to build up or provide support to the attackers or provide Defense for any incoming attacks.
- Your attack teams, preferably 6 players minimum should be attacking at all hours. Keep rotating your attackers.
- These massive attacks will wither even the most experienced player, and soon even they will consider quitting or starting over on another server!
- Once the Host and other Officers are pounded into the ground, soon after that Alliance becomes ineffective and dies off.
- NOW ....move onto the next Alliance and the next and next .........
* This once proud Alliance provides you with very nice Farms (those that dont quit and stick around), remind them occassionaly who RULES!

NPC Cities:
Barbarian or NPC Cities are Non Player Cities
They will NOT attack you or anyone else.
They ARE VERY USEFUL to YOU the player as an endless means of resources, hero experience and medals.
To create an NPC city, capture an empty flat, build a city on it, then ABANDON it.
The Level of the NPC City will be the same as the level of the flat you capture.
*** experienced Evony players know this tip well and build many NPC near them! ***
What you need to attack an NPC city:
- Level 1 NPC: 2000 warriors + 1500 workers
- Level 2 NPC: 3000 warriors + 2000 workers
- For higher level NPC, see our Evony Medals Guide

Protection / Defense:
Actually there is NOTHING you can do to stop a determined attacker, accept this and dont whine about it.
- Best advice from Top Players is:
Have a Well Defended City, 15,000 Archer Towers, some traps, abatis, logs and stones PLUS troops; about 100,000 - 150,000 Archers, some other foot troops, in each city with Gates Open.
This sort of defense really will make it difficult for nearly all but the most determined of players who have more troops than you do.
You still could be attacked and plundered but it take a huge amount of effort by Skilled Players to make it work.
With Gates Closed:
- 75,000 Archers can destroy your defenses.
- 95,000 Scouts can destroy your defenses.
- Once your defenses are wiped, its just a matter of repeated attacks to wipe you out.
- If you keep your Gates Closed, your Alliance members wont be able to help defend your city, expect to lose it
150K Archers - 15K Archer Towers - Gates Open, Embassy allowing Garrisoned troops; is your best Defense, and of course a GOOD Alliance who will send 200-400K troops if you are attacked.
* If your Gates are Closed, your Alliance cannot help you!
* Your best Defense is a terribly strong Offense!

Doing the Quests is a great way to learn how to play.
- You will not be able to do all the Quests in a short period of time
- Some Quests, like population 20,000, will take much longer, don't worry you'll get there
- The Quests will not end until you have every building and research at Level 10
- So ...you have plenty of time to complete the Quests

Once your Town Hall is level 2, you can build an Academy.
The Academy is a very important building, all of your technology is researched here.
* There should be at all times, something being researched! ...yes, 24/7, NEVER idle !
What should I research, you ask?
- Archery is the most important research
- The basic research for lumber, stone and iron should be at least level 5
- Military Tradition to increase your troops attack
- Iron Working to increase your troops defense
- Compass to increase the speed of all foot troops
- Horseback Riding to increase the speed of horses and mechanical (ballista, rams, catapult and transports)
- Stockpile to increase your Warehouse capacity
- Informatics to increase the info gained from scout reports
Work on developing those listed above, then you can casually develop the others.
* Having a 2nd city with an academy helps to speed up your Research
* Having a 3rd city with an academy helps to develop the lesser important Research

Depending on your playing style, there are different ways to gather resources.
1. Build 6 Stone, 6 Lumber, 3 Iron and rest Farms.
2. Build a majority of Saw Mills for lots of lumber, sell it to buy others you need.*
3. Build lots of Iron Mines, sell it to buy others you need.*
4. Continuous attacks on n00bs, crap Alliances or NPC cities for resources.
5. Buy Coins and all the resources you want or need.
There is no 'right way' to gather resources. It depends mostly on the amount of time you play and your preferences.
* - On every server, Lumber and Iron prices in Market always rise, so these two resources are good to produce.
** Skilled Players will have at least one Lumber city and one Iron City providing a steady source of income.

To produce Scouts, you need a Level 2 Barracks.
Two things effect success when scouting a city or valley:
- Informatics Research Level - at Level 7 you begin to get decent reports
- Level of Hero being scouted. Higher their Intel level, the more difficult to obtain good reports

Everything that is NOT a city is considered a valley.
A flat is a valley. A forest is a valley. A lake is a valley.
A desert is a valley. A hill is a valley. A swamp is a valley.
- Maximize your Evony resource bonus by taking over higher-level valleys.

Some say to have a bunch of warehouses others say to have none.
We recommend that you should have 2 Warehouse
- with 2 warehouses at max level and stockpile research.
- When you do get plundered AND have a couple of warehouses, you will have enough FOOD on hand to comfort.
- If you store other resources besides food, then you will have some to begin rebuilding after the plunders.
If you are overly concerned about losing resources when plundered, consider playing another game, Evony is not for you.

- To be successful in Evony, you need to log into the game often

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