Evony Game Cheats

Game Cheats for Evony by Veteran players

Evony Game Cheats:
- Buy Coins to get more amulets
- Use Coins to buy resources
- Buy several package offerings, this brings in a lot of useful items
- Buy a Top Players account
    Top players reported selling their accounts (including ALTS) for: $ 200. -> 600. USD
- Sit another players account ....then destroy all the buildings
- Sit another players account ....then delete all the troops
- Sit another players account ....then spend all their Coins on something useless
    One Top player reported buying resources, then he plundered the city
- Create 20 or more ALT accounts
    Top players have reported that having only 5 - 10 Alts just isnt enough to remain a Top Player
- Use ALT accounts to enter enemy Alliance for Spying
    Spying with Alts is an Evony Classic, oldest trick around and still brings in much success
- Use ALT accounts to tell your Alliance when players are offline
    Most common tactic used in Evony for successful attacks on enemy players
- Attack your ALT accounts to gain lots of Honor, lots of resources and keep suspicion away from the ALT account
    Many Top players have reported that they have remained in enemy Alliances for months using this
- Tell your enemy Alliance members it is best to keep the Gates CLOSED
    Another common tactic used in Evony. With gates closed, no one can help a city getting plundered
- Kick inactive players from your Alliance and farm them for resources and Honor
- Use the World Chat and post the coordinates of all your enemies
- Get lots of Advanced Teleporters, use them to move your city next to one you are going to attack
- You and 6 or 7 of your closest friends start on a new server - you surely will Rule; you know them and can trust them!
    One such group of players RULE every server they play on
    Another group of players are from a Fraternity, they too RULE every server they play on
- Get your ALTS into the top Alliances early on, no reason for you not to know what the Top 50 Alliances are doing 24/7
    A new server is terribly easy to get your ALTS into other Alliances
- Become a Vice Host in enemy Alliance, ...kick all members from Alliance
- Use Comforting every 15 minutes to gain extra Prestige
- Have a trusted friend play your account while you are: sleeping, at work, at school or just away from the game.
    One Top Player has his 2 brothers and mom play all his accounts while he is away from the game
- Train 500 Warriors, you gain the Prestige, them DISMISS them and Train 500 more for even more Prestige
- Build a Barracks Level 1 gain the Prestige, then Destroy it and Build another for even more Prestige
- Destroy 25 Archer Towers, then rebuild 25, you gain Prestige every time you do this
- Conquer an NPC built next to the player you plan on attacking
    All time favorite tactic with Top Players - many n00bs build NPC close to their cities
- Attack low level NPC with Warriors, you will lose the battle but gain lots of Honor
- Don't waste Coins buying Michaelangelo Scripts, conquer a Level 10 NPC instead
- Conquor all the Level 10 Lakes - You will need the food bonus more than some n00b, so take them ALL and keep them as YOURS
- Use Coins to buy Speed Up items - get that research done FAST!
    Get your Archery, Informatics, Military Tradition, Compass and Horseback Riding all to Level 10 during first few days of play
- Use Coins to buy Medal Boxes early in game - get your Rank up quickly!
    Another favorite with Top Players - get Rank up quickly while others are still struggling

Beware of Evony bots - some have reported getting computer virus and worms from them.

Beware of sites claiming to offer Evony Coins - players reported Credit Card Information stolen

Cheating in the Evony game is quite easy, nearly all the Top Players on every server do it.
If you plan on becoming a Top Player in Evony you must be prepared to spend real money and lots of it.
Evony is a war game; deceit, treachery, lies, deception and cheating is expected.

- To be successful in Evony, you need to log into the game often

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