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What is Evony
Evony is a Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy Game.
Players begin with a small town and a town hall.
The object is to build buildings, produce resources, acquire research, build defenses and train troops, all in real time.
This concept is similar to games like; Travian, Tribal Wars, Battle for Rome and Empire Craft to name a few.
Just like similar games, in Evony the 'bigger players' will battle with and farm smaller ones on a regular basis.
The competition to become top player and/or top Alliance is fierce.

About Evony
The goal of any business is to make money and Evony has been praised by its peers as being very successful.
Instead of offering a Subscription, Evony offers its players in-game items which can be purchased to boost the players ranking quickly.
The items and packages sold to the players greatly increase their ranking and quickly fill Evony pockets with hard cash.
The Player competition is so fierce, they are driven to open their wallets in order to 'get an edge' on the other players.

Evony has demonstrated an aggressive marketing campaign on several levels and appeals to a wide audience.
Bringing in thousands of International players on a regular basis and sending them to their newest open server.
When a new server opens up, thousands of new players compete for top ranking, many of those 'buy' items and packages.
Evony opening a new server every few days insures a steady flow of income. Not too many game sites can make such a claim.

Evony Clones
Imitation is the sincerist form of flattery. With Evony having such great success, a huge player base and unbelievable profits it is only reasonable
that others would want to follow their lead and ride their coat tails. As of April 2012, more than a dozen Evony clones have appeared.
Evony Clones are games that use a similar game engine with little or minor changes but none the less are just a clone.
Some of the current Evony Clones are:
  • Glory of Rome
  • Verconia
  • War 2 Glory
  • Ministry of War
  • War of 2012
  • WW II Rage
  • Global Warfare

  • Evony Game play information:

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